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 This site is not about running. It certainly isn’t about marathons. It takes a special breed of person to run a marathon. (At least, that’s what my shrink tells me!) I wouldn’t want people confused by thinking this is about racing. Though racing can be a healthy physical outlet, it isn’t for everybody. In fact, this site isn’t fully about health. “What’s Your Excuse?” can pertain to virtually any goal we either haven’t reached or aren’t fully satisfied with. As your browse the site, it is my hope that you will find this to be true.

It also isn’t meant to be inspirational, at least, not solely. Many things can inspire us. To be inspired is to get in touch with our inner selves.

This site is about motivation! Where inspiration can help you reach your inner self, motivation can get you in touch with your goals. That was the “inspiration” for my poster; to help people reach for their goals, starting with getting past whatever was stopping them.

This website is meant as a way to spread that word, through the poster. From the day I unfurled the first picture of what would become this poster, the reaction has been the same, to a person; “I need to DO something.” I never asked exactly what it was each of the respondents “needed to do.” I took them at their word that there was something left undone, something they needed to do. I merely asked “the question” for them.

For those interested in knowing how I got my own motivation, please read My Story. It is my hope that through this story, this poster and the services available on this website, you will find the motivation to reach your own goals.



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